Rewriting the Record Book

Before turning all attention to the 2024 season, a look back at the 2023 season reveals several new standards that rewrote the Big Ten record book.

A pair of hard-hitting Terrpains twice re-set single-season marks. As a team, Maryland set two new conference highs, coincidentally they mirror each other, one good, the other not so much.

The full 2024 Big Ten Record Book.


Single Game

Most Runs in a Game

6* – Phillip Glasser, Indiana, May 12 vs. Purdue

Single Season

Most Runs Scored

93 – Luke Shliger, Maryland

Most RBI

105 – Nick Lorusso, Maryland

Most Total Bases

202* – Lorusso

Most Walks

69 – Shliger

Single Conference Season (excludes the Big Ten-only 2021 season)

Home Runs

15 – Max Anderson, Nebraska


45* Lorusso


Single Season

Most Times Walked

385 – Maryland

Most Walks Allowed

320 – Maryland

Most Strikeouts

630 – Iowa

*Denotes record-tying.